CG007 Godzilla Key CNC Machine Update Log

V3.4.3.0  NEW


1. Add 1 model of Success [VictoryAuto]: V1

2. Added 2 models from Changan: CS55, UNI-K.

3. New Great Wall [Great Wall] 4 models: Fengjun 3 [Fengjun 3], LingAo [LingAo], Oula [Oula], Tank 300 [Tank 300] 4. New Dongfeng Liuqi [DongFengLiuQi] 6 models: Liuqi ChengLong H7 [ChengLong H7], Liuqi ChengLong M3 [ChengLong M3], Liuqi ChengLong M3 [ChengLong M3], Liuqi ChengLong M3], Liuqi ChengLong M3 [ChengLong M3], Liuqi ChengLong M3]. ChengLong M3], Liuzhou ChengLong M5 [ChengLong M5], Liuzhou ChengLong T5 [ChengLong T5], Liuzhou ChengLong T7 [ChengLong T7], FengShen AX4 [FengShen AX4],

5. Added three new FOTON models: AoLing, Auman ETX and Toyano E.

6. Added 5 models of Trumpchi: GA3S, GE3, GM6, GS4 and EMPOW,

7. Added 1 model of HaFei: SaiMa.

8. Added two models of Heavy Duty Truck [CNHTC]: HOWO T5G [HOWO T5G], HOWO T7H [HOWO T7H], HOWO T7H [HOWO T7H], HOWO T7H [HOWO T7H].

9. Added Hongqi [HongQi] 1 model: H5

10. Added two models of HuangHai: DaChaiShen and QiSheng F1.

11. Added two models of Maple: Null and Harriet.

12. Added 1 model of Jiangling [JMC]: Huihu 9 [YuHu].

13. Added 3 models of Isuzu: LingTuo, JIM and MU-X.

14. Added 7 Geely models: Borui [Borui], Bo Yue [BoYue], Dihao EC8 [Emgrand EC8], Dihao RS [Emgrand RS], Global Eagle GC7 [GLEAGLE GC7], Vision [Vision], Vision S1 [Vision S1],



1.Added 1 new Beiben heavy truck model key: V3;

2.Added 13 new types of BAIC model keys: BJ20, BJ40, BJ40L, X3, Warrior, Changhe Q25, Changhe Q35, Huansu H2, Saab CC, Saab D50, Saab X55, New Energy EU, New Energy EU5;

3.Added 1 new Bisu model key: M3;

4.Added 9 new BYD model keys: E6, F3R, G3, M6, Qin PRO, S6, Song MAX, Tang, and Song DM.



1.Mercedes-Benz adds a new model key: S500L;

2.Sinotruk added a new model key: Shandeka C7H;

3.Zotye has added 2 new models of keys: E20, Z100;

4.Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck newly added 3 models of keys: Delong F3000, Delong M3000, Delong X3000;

5.Ford added a new model key: Mondeo;

6.One new model key for Changan: CS35;

7.Jiangling added a new model key: Teshun;

8.JAC has added a new model key: Sihao X6;

9.Baojun has added 4 models of keys: 360, 510, 530, 560.



1.Add 18 car models data into the database.



1.Added keys for 5 models of ChangAn:Benben E-star, Benben E-star Colorful, Raeton, Changan Star, Star Card

2.Added keys for 3 models of Great Wall:Wingle 6, Wingle 7, Euler Good Cat

3.Added keys for 2 models of Haval:Haval H5, Haval H2

4.Added keys for 2 models of Foton:Auman EST, Auman GTL

5.Added keys for 2 models of JieFang:J6L, J6P

6.Added keys for 5 models of JAC:Ruifeng, H3, Geerfa K7, Ruifeng M4, Ruifeng S6

7.Added keys for 2 models of Citroen:Sega, Elysee

8.Added keys for 2 models of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck:Delonghi F2000, Delonghi New M3000

9.Added keys for 1 models of MG:MG3

10.Added keys for 1 models of Lynk&Co:Lynk&Co 02

11.Added keys for 1 models of FAW:Vizi

12.Added keys for 1 models of Zhongxing:Flagship A9

13.Added keys for 3 models of Baojun:310W, E100, E200

14.Added keys for 4 models of Wuling:Hongguang MINIEV Macaron, Hongguang MINI, Hongguang S1, Capgemini

15.Added keys for 3 models of Chery:Fengyun 2, Karry K60, Tiggo 7

16.Added keys for 4 models of Trumpchi:GA3, GA4, GA8, Aion S

17.Added keys for 6 models of BAIC:Weiwang, Changhe M70, Senova D60, Senova D70, Senova X65, E180



1.Add 157 car models data into the database.



1.Add 75 car models data into the database.



1.Add 196 car models data into the database.



1.Add 132 car models data into the database.



1.Add 234 car models data into the database.



1.Add 112 car models data into the database.



1.Added 10 JAC models.

2.Added 16 Geely models.

3.Added 1 Jiangling model.

4.Added 6 Chrysler models.

5.Added 1 Cheetah model.

6.Added 2 Lifan models.

7.Added 5 Landwind models.

8.Added 1 Land Rover model.

9.Added 3 Lotus models .

10.Added 3 models of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

11.Added 2 models of MGI.

12.Added 5 Mazda models.

13.Added 3 models of Nachi.

14.Added 1 Opel model.

15.Added 2 models of Qichen.

16.Added 4 models of Dongfeng Fengxing.

17.Added 3 Changan models.

18.Added 2 models of Dongfeng Scenery.

19.Added 1 model of Dongfeng Fengshen.

20.Added 6 Foton models.

21.Added Huapu manufacturers and 7 models.

22.Added Huatai manufacturers and 3 models.

23.Added manufacturers and 6 models of Geo.

24.Added 6 Jinbei models.



1.Added 9 models of Dongfeng Xiaokang: C31,C32,C35,C37,C52,D52,EC36,K07S,K07.

2.Added 3 Dodge models: Kubo,Kuwei,Challenger.

3.Added 3 Volkswagen models:Jetta VA3,Jetta VS5,Jetta VS7.

4.Added 1 GMC model:Jimmy.

5.Add 1 model of Haima:M8.

6.Added 2 models of BYD Han and tang electric vehicles:Hantang Q7,Q5e.

7.Added 1 mode of Haojue manufacturer:Haojue motorcycle.

8.Added 5 Dongfeng models:Fuyunlai,Kaima,Xiaobawang,Odin,Sprinkler.

9.Added 3 Haval models:First Love,Big Dog,Chitu.

10.Added 1 model of Dorcen car:G60S.

11.Added 1 model of Leiding:LeiJun Electric.

12.Added 2 models of Dongfeng Fengon:360,580PRO.



1.Added 9 models of new manufacturers and Piaggio:Beverly 200,Fly,Tourist,MP3,Other,Porter,Various Models,Xevo 400, X8.

2.Added 3 models of BAIC:BJ40 Plus,BJ80, X3.

3.Added 1 model of new manufacturer and Beiben heavy truck:NG80.

4.Added 6 models:Dashuang Left,Dashuang Right,Xingguang,Shenqi Truck,Shenqi Pickup,New Leopard.

5.Added 1 model of Honda motorcycle:125E.

6.Added 2 models in Great wall:Dashuang Left and Dashuang Right.

7.Added 1 Dongfeng model:Odin.

8.Added 1 Ducati model:851 Sport.

9.Added 1 model of manufacturer Kawasaki:Ninja 650.

10.Added 3 BYD models:truck T5, truck T6, truck T7.



1.Added manufacturer BAJAJ and 1 model:Motorcycle;

2.Added 17 models of Jinbei:Big Double Right,Big Double Left,Hiace X30L,Small Hiace X30,Sea Star A7,Sea Star A9,Starfish T22,Express,Western Cowboy,Zhishang S30,S50,T20S,T22S,T30,T32,T50,T52;

3.Added 13 models of JMC:Baodian,Transit,Qiling T5,Teshun,Yizhi EV3,Yizhi EX5,E100B,E160,E200L,E200N,Kai Rui,Kai Yun,Shunda,Yuhu 3,Yuhu 5;

4.Added 4 models of Leopaard:Feiteng,Black King Kong,CS9,Mattu.



1.Added 1 model of Foton: Monpac S;

2.Added 1 new Chevrolet model: Copaqi;

3.Added 2 Chinese models: Dashuang Right, Dashuang Left;

4.Added 5 models of Sinotruk: Howo, Howe J5G, Howe J7B, Howe N5G, Howe N7G;

5.New manufacturer Loncin and 1 model: Loncin Motorcycle 500;

6.Added 2 Lamborghini models: Aventador, Huracán;

7.Added 1 Iveco model: Turin;

8.New manufacturer Hino and 5 models: medium truck, heavy truck, 155, 195, 300;

9.Added 2 models of Jiefang: Paling, Lion;

10.Add a new model of Hyundai: Mingtu;

11.Added a new Chevrolet model: Le Chi.



1.Add a  new Peugeot model key: 5008;

2.Add a  new model key for Cadillac: XT6;

3.Add a new model key for Chevrolet: Spark;

4.Added 7 Jeep model keys: CJ7, Comanche, Grand Wagner,J10 pickup, Grand Chernoskie Laredo, Wagner, Wrangler;

5.Added Huai Chai Yingzhi manufacturer and 2 model keys: Yingzhi G3, Yingzhi 737.



1.Optimize wifi automatic reconnection;

2.Added 1 new model key for Nissan: Other;

3.One new Peugeot model key: Other;

4.Added 1 new model key for Renault: Other;

5.Added 1 new model key for Citroen: Other;

6.Added Rover (also see Brit.Leyland) 1 model key: Other;

7.Two new models of Kia are added: Lion Race, Visto;

8.Added 1 new Dodge model: Atos;

9.4 new Audi models: Allroad Quattro, Cabriolet, Coupe, Fox;

10.15 new Fiat models: 132, Mirafiori, Fiorino, Ritmo, panda,Strada, Superbrava, Supermirafiori, X1/9 (Bertone),124 Sedan, 124 Spyder, 124 Staion Wagon, 126, 128 Sedan, 131;

11.Newly added 2 Jeep models: Cherokee, CJ5;

Note: Please switch the power supply and restart the device,if the upgrade is successful!



1.Added time and time zone switching function.

2.Added 1 model key for Peugeot: Other.

3.Added 1 model key for Renault: Other.

4.Added 1 new model key for Mazda: Other.

5.Added 1 model key for Chevrolet: Caprice.

6.Added 1 model key for General Motors: Other.

7.Added 1 Nissan model: Other.

8.Added 1 Dodge model: Attitude.

9.Added 1 Kia model: Various Models.

10.Added 5 Hyundai models: Accent, Brio, Elantra, Reina, Tucson.



1.Added single-bitting cutting function.

2.Added the function of car database learning details display.

1.Added 3 models of Mitsubishi: Eclipse, Endeavor, Spyder.

2.Added 1 Dodge model key: Stratus.

3.Added 10 Fiat model keys: Other.

4.Added 1 Jeep model: Other.

5.Added 1 Ford model key: Other.

6.Added 1 BMW model key: Other.

7.Added 1 model key for Mercedes-Benz: other.

8.Added 4 models from the new manufacturer Tata: Aria, Indica, Indigo, and Manza. 



1.Added 1 Yamaha model key: Other.

2.Add 1 Peugeot for a model key: Other.

3.Added 1 model key for Citroen: Other.

4.Added 2 Buick models: Other and Skylark.

5.Added 1 model of Cadillac: Allante.

6.Added 17 Chrysler models: Acclaim, Caravan, Daytona, Dynasty,Fifth Avenue, Imperial, LeBaron, New Yourker, Saratoga, shadow, Spirit, Sundance, Horizon, Omni,Town & Country Van, Viper, Voyager.

7.Added 12 Dodge models: Caravan, Daytona, Dynasty, Grand Caravan, Light Trucks & Vans, Omni, Other, Ramcharger, shadow, Spirit, Vans (Full Size), Viper.

8.Added 1 Porsche model: Other.

9.Added 1 Chevrolet model: Kovoz.

10.Added 1 model key for Renault: Other.

11.Added 2 Baojun models: RS5, RS7.



1.Optimize Find Bitting query.

2.Optimize All Key Lost query.

3.Optimize the Universal Key Duplication algorithm.

4.Added plastic key cutting.

5.Add 1 BMW model:Other;

6.Added 18 new Iveco models:Baodi,Deyi,Ouba,Stralis,All Models,AR8,Eurocargo,Eurostar,Eurotech MP,Eurotech MT,Eurotrakker,Iveco(old),OM Grinta,Turbostar,Turbotech,Turbozeta,Zeta,Other.

7.Added 15 Fiat models:Feixiang,Palio,Marengo,Archetta,Brava,Bravo,Cinquecento,Coupe,Marea,Multipla,Punto,Seicento,Tempra,Tipo,Other.

8.Added 1 Volkswagen model key:Other.

9.Added one model key for Citroen:Other.

10.Added 1 Ford model key:Other.

11.Added 1 model key for Chrysler:Other.

12.Added 1 model key for Mercedes-Benz:Other.

13.Added 1 model key for Renault:Other.

14.Added 1 model key for Peugeot:Other.



1.Added 27 Chrysler models: Acclaim, Breeze, Caravan, Cirrus, Concorde, Daytona, Dynasty, Fifth Avenue, Imperial, Intrepid,Landau, LeBaron, LHS, New Yorker, Prowler, Saratoga, Sebring, Shadow, Spirit, Stratus 2dr Coupe, Stratus 4dr Sedan,Sundance, Town & Country Van, Viper, Vision, Voyager, 300M.

2.Added 5 Dodge models: Daytona, Dynasty, Light Trucks & Vans, shadow, Spirit.

3.Added 13 Mercury models: Bobcat, Capri, Comet, Cougar 2 Door, Cougar 4 Door, Cougar XR7, LN7, Lynx, Marquis, Monarch, Some Models, Topaz, Zephy.

4.Added 1 model of Kia: Other.

5.Added 1 model of Iveco: Other.

6.Added 4 Lincoln keys: Town Car, Continental, Mark, Versailles.

7.Added 2 model keys for Mazda: B series trucks and Navajo.

8.Added 1 Honda model key: other.

9.Added 1 new model key for Fiat: other.



1.Added One model of Daewoo: Chairman;

2.Added three models of Great wall: X200, X240, V240;

3.Added 12 Kia models: Carence, Clarence, Joice, Mentor, Pregio, Pride, Rio Cinco, Rio RX-V, Rondo, Rondo 7,Sedona, Sephia;

4.Added three Ford models: Escape and Festiva;

5.Added two Toyota models: FT86 and GT86;

6.Added Two Hyundai models : Kona and Palisade;

7.Added One Mazda model: CX-30;

8.Added 12 Mercedes-Benz models: E200, E220, E280, E300, E320, E420, E500, 380SL, 190D, 190E, 260, 300SD;

9.Added One Chrysler model: Cross Fire;

10.Added Yamaha manufacturers and 30 models: Other, Warrior, Zuma, Bolt, BT1100, C3 Scooter, Fazer, FJR1300, FZS 1000,FZ1, FZ6, F1, GTS 1000, GTS 1000 ABS, Majesty, Morphous, MT-01, MT-03, Roadliner, Road Star, Royal Star,Seca, Stratoliner, TDM 600, T-Max 500, Venture, Vion, V Max, V Star, XJR.



1.Add some key data;

2.Newly added parameter fine-tuning function.



1. Add some key data;

2. Newly added parameter fine-tuning function.



1. Added some Chinese models



1. Added some Chinese models



1.Added some Chinese models



1.Added working pause button function;

2.Added T3 fixture cutting;

3.Added Suzuki Antelope;

4.Added Hyundai model Huatai Santa Fe;

5.Added Toyota 86 key;

6.Added Jaguar King, S-TYPE, Vanden plas, XJ-R, XJ-S,XJ-12, XJ-6, XJ-8, XK, X-TYPE (T3 fixture);

7.Added Ford Cougar, Hummer Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon,Ka, LTD, Sapphire, Scorpio (T3 fixture);

8.Fix known bugs.



1.Added 8 models of LiFan

2.Added 6 models of jinbei

3.Added 9 models of QiRui

4.Added 1 models of BaoJun

5.Added 5 models of NaZhiJie

6.Added 2 models of BeiJing

7.Fix some bugs



1. Added 2 models of Fqt Motor
2. Added 6 models of Dongfeng Aeolus
3. Added 2 models of Dongfeng DFSK
4. Added 8 models of Southeast car
5. Added 8 models of MAXUS
6. Added 6 models of Fodayauto
7. Newly added 4 models of Hafei motor
8. Newly added 5 models of Huanghai motor
9. Added 13 models of Foton Motor
10.Added 10 models of Haima Automobile
11.Added 1  Zhongxin electric vehicle model



1.Optimize inner groove unilateral,inner ditch bilateral,and outer groove unilateral,outer ditch bilateral key cutting graphics rendering;

2.New Great Wall Wingle 7,Wingle 6,C20R,C50;

3.Added Harvard H5,H6;

4.Newly issued Daihatsu TOY27R,TOY4,TR40,MIT8,DH4R,TOYOTA,M424 and some models;

5.Added Dongfeng Hercules,Tianjin,Tianlong,Furika,Yuxuan,S560,330,580;

6.Added Levdeo D70,Levdeo electric car.



1. Added Borgward BXi7

2. Added BYD E6, G6, Yuan, Song, G3, M6, S6, F0

3. Added Trumpchi GA5, GA4, GA8

4. New growth Anbenben, Ruicheng, Ruixing, Zhishang, CS15, CS35, CS55, CS75,CX20, CX30, Yuexiang, Zhixiang, Taurus, Ling Xuan, Auchan A800, Ouliwei



1. Added custom key function

2. Newly added MINI HU100R NE38 and some models

3. Added Ferrari GT16 and some models

4. Added LYNK& CO key data and some models

5. Added smart VA2EH2

6. Added Geely key data and some models



1. Added BISU T3

2. Added BUVIN E3

3. Added BOLODA DS7, DS8

4. Added BMW motorcycle ZD24R

5. Added BEIJING ChangHe M50S, FuRuiDa K21, HuangSu H2, Warrior

6. Added BESTUNE B30, B50, B70, B90, T33, T77, T99, X40, X80



1. Added Hongqi HU198T, HU49-246, HU49-256, HS5, HS7, 

   HU66, H5 and some models

2. Added Audi VO9

3. Added Volkswagen VO9

4. Added Honda Motorcycle SZ4R, SZ4

5. Added Land Rover HU74, NE38

6. Added Nissan DAT10

7. Added Mazda MAZ10, MAZ1

8. Added Kia HYN15 and some models



1. Added Alfa Romeo SIP16, GT16, YM31 and some models

2. Added Audi WT4

3. Added Mercedes-Benz HU64 (one tooth 450)

4. Added Honda GM15, NE71R and some models

5. Added Honda motorcycle HD63, HON39, HON63, ZD24R and some models

6. Added Peugeot VA2EH2 and some models

7. Added Citroen VA2EH2 and some models

8. Added Nissan VA2EH2

9. Added Dodge YM15



1. Added KIA5, HU134, KIA1R, KIA3R, KIA4R, TOY40 (8-8) and some models

2. Added Hyundai HYN1, TOY40 (8-8)

3. Added Honda HON65R, GM24R, HON37, HON24 and some models

4. Added Ford FO10, FO31R, FO33 and some models

5. Added BMW HU127T and some models

6. Added some Fiat models

7. Added BMW motorcycle BW7 and some models

8. Added Shaanqi heavy truck key and model data

9. Added FAW Jiefang car keys and model data

10.Added Sinotruk key and model data

11.Added JAC key and model data

12.Schematic diagram of beautification fixture



1. Added Opel HU133R, HU87R, GM15, HON58R, NE72, NE73

2. Added Renault HU136

3. Added Toyota TOY27, TOY46 and some models

4. Added Volkswagen YM15, VO9, HU116 and some models

5. Added Nissan NE72, NE38, NSN14, HU133R and some models

6. Added Smart YM23 and some models

7. Added Mazda MAZ12 and some models

8. Added Land Rover LF10 and some models

9. Fix known bugs



1.Added Infiniti NSN10 and some models

2.Added Nissan NSN10, HU87R, FO38R, NSN14, NSN11 and some models

3.Added Volvo NE66 and some models

4.Added Mercedes-Benz HU39, YM15, YM23 and some models

5.Added Scania HU71P and some models

6.Added Peugeot NE78, MIT11R, NE72, GT10, SIP22 and some models

7.Added Citroen GT10, NE72 and some models

8.Added Honda motorcycles HON77, HD104, HON60 and some models

9.Added Acura HD107, HON66 (1.41), MIT8 and some models

10.Added Toyota TOY40 (8-8), TOY47 and some models

11.Added Lexus TOY40 (8-8) and some models

12.Added Subaru EMERGENCY, DAT17, TOY40, TOY43R, NSN14 and some models

13.Added BMW motorcycle BW9TE and some models

14.Added LDV DWO4R, HU100 and some models

15.Added Saab WT47, HU100, NSN14 and some models

16.Optimize the rendering and display of flat tooth bilateral graphics

17.Optimize search and search for tooth profile code processing

18.Optimize cutting algorithm

19.Fix known bugs

Note:After this upgrade is successful, the T1 fixture must be calibrated



1. Added Fiat GT10, GT5, SIP22 and some models

2. Added Smart HU56REHP and some models

3. Added Toyota TOY38R, TOY2018 and some models

4. Added Mitsubishi HU56REHP and some models

5. Added Renault NE72, VA2EH2, VAC102 and some models

6. Added Volkswagen HU162T-8

7. Added Audi HU162T-8

8. Added Skoda HU162T-8 and some models

9. Added Suzuki HU133R and some models

10.Optimize key data of Lexus and Porsche models

11.Added some BAIC models

12. Optimize battery level display

13. Fix known bugs



1. Optimize the interface theme style

2. Fix known issues



1. Added drawing display of universal key duplication learning results

2. Added Volkswagen 9 and 10 tooth ignition lock to check the door lock

3. Added Chery models and key data

4. Added Baojun models and key data

5. Added learning and short-circuit detection mechanism before cutting

6. Optimize the query speed of automobile database and historical records

7. Optimize the key cutting depth 

(need to turn on the Z axis correction for processing settings)

8. Fix the learning problem of the special small key with hole on the head



1. Added custom history note function (car database)

2. Optimize universal key duplication learning distance

3. Increase Beiqi Prestige S50 model 

4. Fix known bugs 



1. Launch universal key copy function

2. Optimize cutting calibration method

3.SIP22 data modified to shoulder alignment

4. Fix known bugs

Note: After the update is complete, please do a cutting calibration!



1. Optimize the selection of Toyota Honda models.

2. Add the Lexus TOY2 key.

3. Add Turkish language.

4. Optimize fixture calibration steps.

5. Fix some bugs.



1. Optimize the wifi password input keyboard

2. Newly-added model Changan Uno S

3. New key Baojun 560 (8 teeth)

4. New key Buick Century PK3

5. Optimize Buick model selection

6. Optimize the selection of modern models



1. Optimize the wifi password input keyboard

2. Newly-added model Changan Uno S

3. New key Baojun 560 (8 teeth)

4. New key Buick Century PK3

5. Optimize Buick model selection

6. Optimize the selection of modern models



Added history record feature

Added T2A tool change and leveling function

[Opel] Merina, Zafira, CORSA, Vectra, Omega HU43

[Daewoo] Cielo, Espero, Nexia, 1.5i

[Houghton] Barina, Combo, Commodore

[Wuling] Big double right, big double left

【Harvard】Harvard H1 internal milling

【Great Wall】Fengjun 5 internal milling (6-6)

【MG】MG3, Roewe W5, Roewe 950, internal milling

【BYD】L3 external milling 8 teeth

[Chuanqi Mustang] Spica external milling

[Hafei] Lobo, public opinion, Xiaobawang

【Changan】Mini Benben

【Dongfeng Fengshen】S30, H30

[FAW] Wilo

【Ford HU198T】Fox, Carnival, Territory, Sharp

[Buick] Rong Yu,

[Chevrolet] Lumina,

Repair Audi models and key data selection



[Smart] fortwo, forfour,

【BAIC】Saova X35

【Hummer】HX, H2, H3

[GMC] Denali, Envoy, Savana,

Add some Volkswagen models and improve the key selection of Volkswagen models

Increase the data of some models of B111

Added data for some models of GM37

Added data for some models of B107

Increase the data of some B100 models

Increase the data of some models of B97

Added data for some models of GM39



1. Add the following models:

[Ford] Sharp, RV, Raptor, Explorer, Mustang, Conqueror, GT, Ranger

[Lincoln] Mainland, pilot, navigator, navigator, adventurer, LS, MKC, MKS, MKT, MKX

[Mercury] Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Sable, Predator, Montego, Monterey, Mariner, Milan, Pastoral Business

[Mazda] Tribute, Navajo, Pickup, Demio, Landis, Cronos, Enos

[Houghton] Barina, Barina Spark, Combo, Captiva, Zafira, Viva, Various Models, Little Tiger


[Great Wall] Fengjun 7, C30, Ling Ao


[BAIC] Magic Speed H3, Magic Speed H5, Magic Speed H6, Magic Speed S3

2. Optimize the selection of BMW and Benz models



1. Added Volkswagen 10-tooth 9-tooth door lock to check all ignition locks lost and missing teeth

2. New keys and models

【Cheetah】MIT15 external milling

【BAIC】Saova E130

【Prestige】M20, M30, M35, 205

[Qoros] Qoros 3, Qoros 5,

【Great Wall】Elf, Jiayu, Dazzling, C20R,

【Haval】Haval H1

【Geely】Vision X1

【BYD】G6, L3

【Hantang Electric Vehicle】Hantang A3



Added keys and models

【Lifan】320 (External milling)

[BAIC] Senova D50, Senova X55 (outer ditch unilateral)

【Baojun】630, 730 (internal groove and bilateral teeth)

【BAIC】Weiwang 306, Prestige 307 (outside milling)

【Isuzu】Athlete (outside milling)

【MG】MG5, MG6, MG7, Ruiteng, Ruixing, HS (internal milling)

[Geely] Vision X3, New King Kong (external milling and internal milling)

[Haval] Haval H3, Haval H5, Haval M6, (external washing and internal ditch bilateral)

[Great Wall] Fengjun 5, Great Wall V80, Great Wall M4, Great Wall C30, (external milling and internal ditch bilateral)

[Roewe] 750, Cleve, i5, i6, RX3, RX8, (internal milling)

[Southeast] Lingshuai, DX3, Lingyue V3, Lingshen, Lingzhi V5, Lingshi V6, Xiwang (external milling)

[Chinese] FRV, FSV, Junjie, Zunchi, (outside milling)

【Nissan】Old Blue Bird, (outside milling No. 6 billet)



1. Fix the bug that the key learning cutting cancel waiting box disappears

2. New keys and models

【Wuling】Add Wuling Hongguang No. 80 key blank and No. 82 key blank,

【BAIC】 Magic Speed S3

【Baojun】630 External milling

【Toyota】Toyota old Camry eight teeth 4,7 external milling of fragments

[Changan] Uno, Ruicheng, Zhishang, CS15, CX70,

【Nazhijie】U6, S5, external milling

【Dongfeng Xiaokang】K07, external milling

[Guangqi Legend] GA5, GS3, GS8, GS5, GS7,

[WEY car] VV5, VV6, VV7, VV7GT, VV7PHEV, P8



1. Optimize flat tooth bilateral algorithm

2. Optimize the unilateral and bilateral algorithm of the inner groove

3. Optimize the unilateral and bilateral algorithm of the outer ditch

4. Optimize lost all query

5. New key Volvo NE66; Honda Accord HD107

6. Add the key ZhiDou ZhiDou; Chase V80

7. New key Mitsubishi MIT11R, HYN11

8. New keys Suzuki HU87R, MIT11R, LangDi, YuYan

9. New key Wuling RongGuang, ZhiGuang, HongGuang

10. New key BYD F0; Geely Emgrand DiHao

11. New key Chevrolet Jingcheng JingCheng; modern famous image MingTu



1. Add version rollback function

2. Add the function of the update prompt box ignore button

3. Fix known bugs

4. Increase the key Fiat CY22, SIP22

5. Add key Maserati CY22, SIP22

6. Add key Ferrari SIP22

7. Add key Alfa Romeo SIP22, GT15R

8. Add key GMC HU100

9. Add key Renault NSN14

10. Add key Ssangyong HY22, HYN10

11. Add the key Changan Changan Star

12. Add key Wuling Wuling Hongguang S

13. Add key Southeast DX7

14. Add the key Southeast Lingzhi V5

15. Add the key to Dongfeng Popular Jingyi

16. Increase the key Baowo HU100R

17. Add key Beijing Auto Saova X25

18. Increase the key Opel DW04

19. Add key Daewoo DW04

20. Add the key Opel HU100



1. Optimize the software structure

2. Optimize the update program to improve the upgrade speed

3. Add history reset function

4. New key Shaanxi Automobile De-Long-X3000

5. New key Wuling Hongguang S3 560

6. New key Haval H5

7. New key Haval H7

Note: This upgrade requires two upgrades to complete, and the version is V2.2.9 after success!



New models

[Buick] Boulevard, GM37, HU100, Sail, GM37

[Audi] A1, HU66EXTA4, HU66, HU66EXT, HU162T-9, HU162T-10A5, HU66EXTA6, HU162T-9, HU162T-10 A8, HU162T-9, HU162T-10Q3, HU66, HU162T-9, HU162T-10Q5, HU66EXTQ7, HU66EXTR8, HU66, HU66EXT

[Porsche] Kaman, HU66 Panamera, HU66 Macan, HU66 2.

[Volkswagen] Scirocco HU66

[Lexus] CT, ES, GS, HS, IS, LS, LX, RX, SC, all use TOY48 and TOY40.

[Subaru] Freeman, use NSN14 and DAT17.

[Skoda] Haorui, Octavia, Jingrui, Xindong, Xinrui, Supai, Komic, Koluoke, Kodiak, all use HU66 and HU162T-9, HU162T-10.

[Modern] Yixing, Rena, Acceptance, Leading, Festa, IX25, all use the head to align the left and right grooves with 8 teeth and 10 teeth, and HY22.

[Kia] K2, K4, K5, K3, smart running, lion running, Sorento, all use the head to align the left and right grooves with 8 teeth and 10 teeth, and HY22.



Landwind X8 added

Added Chery Arrizo 5

Optimize the lagging problem of Hyundai HY22

Optimized the alignment algorithm of flat tooth bilateral shoulder

Optimized unilateral algorithm

Optimize the bilateral algorithm of the inner groove

Optimize the unilateral algorithm of the outer ditch

Optimize the bilateral algorithm

Note: 1. After this upgrade, please check the offset of the T2 fixture and calibrate the four sides of the T2 fixture A, B, C, D. 2. The flat tooth bilateral shoulder alignment key must be locked with a square positioning block