Noun Analysis

EIS:Also known as EZS, the ignition system of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

ELV:Car steering lock, also known as ESL.

ECU:Automobile electronic control unit, also known as trip computer.

TCU:Automobile gearbox computer.

ISM:Car gear computer, also known as DSM and ESM.

ZGW:Automotive Gateway

Added:Use the existing key to match the new key

Lost all:match the new key when the car does not have the car key

FBS:Anti-theft name (FBS3/FBS4, can be queried by VIN, or can be read and identified by CGMB device)


EIS Function

1.Support OBD mode and infrared mode to automatically recognize EIS and read data. (FBS3/FBS4)

2.Support the identification of SSID and EIS number. (FBS3/FBS4)

3.Support to read/modify VIN. (FBS3 and FBS4 only support reading)

4.Support reading kilometers. (FBS3/FBS4)

5.Support reading KEY track code. (FBS3)

6.Support the detection of KEY usage and enabling status. (FBS3/FBS4)

7.Support to read the last used KEY position. (FBS3/FBS4)

8.Support reading the penultimate use KEY position. (FBS3/FBS4)

9.Support detecting EIS status. (FBS3/FBS4)

10.Support erasing EIS. (Online online, FBS3)

11.Support writing EIS data. (FBS3)

12.Support the protection of clearing TP. (FBS3)

13.Support disabling EIS. (FBS3/FBS4)

14.Support for enabling EIS. (FBS3)

15.Support activating EIS. (FBS3)

16.Support infrared mode to directly read the KEY password of W215 and a few W209/W211 EIS. (FBS3)

17.Support EIS type:

   W164, W251 -2009

   W164, W251 2009-

   W166, W197, W212, W218, W246

   W169, W209, W211

   W172, W204, W207, W212(ELV)

   W202, W208, W210(K)

   W203, W463, W639(K)

   W215, W220(K)




   W639 2009-(CAN)



KEY Read And Write Function

1.Support infrared mode to directly read KEY basic information, including SSID, available times, used times, KEY location, KEY status, KEY version.

2.Support BE KEY infrared mode to directly read KEY password, erase, write new KEY data and activate.

3.Support KEY write data with 21DF status.

4.Support reading/activating the new BGA KEY.

5.Support KEY hopping code repair.

6.Support smart KEY (08/09) and non-smart KEY (40/51/57).

7.Only support reset KEY chip type:

  00043650 chip

  00040582 chip

8.Types of KEY chips that support reading, writing and resetting:

  00040229 chip

  567897041 chip

  567897051 chip

  567897061 chip

  567897071 chip

  567897081 chip

9.Support CGMB KEY frequency switching, 433Mhz/315Mhz, resistance control arbitrary switching.


Password Calculation Function (online)

1.Support for having car keys and keyless (all lost) calculation passwords, of which all lost support normal collection and fast collection.

2.To calculate the password, you first need to collect data, which takes about 3 minutes with the car key.

3.In 99% of cases, the password is calculated at one time, and the time is about one minute.

4.If there is a car key, calculate the EIS type supported by the password:

  Mercedes-Benz A series after 2004

  Mercedes-Benz B series after 2005

  Mercedes-Benz C series after 2001 (including W210)

  Mercedes-Benz E series after 2001 (including W203)

  Mercedes-Benz CL series after 2001

  Mercedes-Benz GLK series after 2004

  Mercedes-Benz ML series after 2003

  Mercedes-Benz R series after 2003

  Mercedes-Benz G series after 2003

  Mercedes-Benz S series after 2001 (including 220)

  Mercedes-Benz SLK series after 2003

  Mercedes-Benz SLS series after 2004

  Mercedes-Benz Vito series after 2003

  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter series after 2003

5.If there is no car key, calculate the EIS type supported by the password:

  W164, W216(2009-)

  W164, W221(-2009)

  W166, W197, W212(old), W212, W246


  W172, W204, W207, W209, W211

  W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639(K)

  W215, W220




6.In the absence of a car key, some EIS support quick collection, the types are as follows:

  (Quick collection does not require repeated attempts and the collection speed is faster)

  W164, W251 2009-

  W164, W251 -2009


  W172, W207, W209, W211

  W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639(K)



  W639 2009-(CAN)


Generate KEY Data Function (online)

1. Load EIS data to generate KEY data.

2. The time to generate KEY data is about 10 seconds.

3. Support generating KEY data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC type EIS.


ECU/TCU/ISM Pogramming Function

1.Support reading data of ECU/TCU/ISM.

2.Support the erasing of ECU/TCU/ISM. (online)

3.Support ECU/TCU/ISM data loading and saving.


ELV Function

1.Support OBD mode to read ELV data directly. (Clamp on the ELV K line with a small yellow clip)

2.Support to erase ELV. (Online)

3.Support direct write direction lock data. (Online)

4.Support for synchronizing ELV data.

5.Support checking ELV damage.

6.Support for activating ELV.

7.Support to repair ELV.

8.Support ELV type:

  W209, W211

  W204, W207, W212




9.Support W204/W207/W212 ELV simulator function.


Car Mileage Repair Function

1.Support to read the internal data of the instrument, including serial number and mileage.

2.Support for writing mileage information.

3.Support to clear the fault code of the instrument.

4.Support EEPROM reading and writing of the instrument.

5.The supported instrument types are as follows:

  C-CLASS/CLK-CLASS: W203, W204, W205 (2014-2017), W209

  CLS-CLASS: W218, W219

  E-CLASS: W207, W211, W212

  GL-CLASS: X164


  M-CLASS: W164

  R-CLASS: W251

  S-CLASS/CL-CLASS: W221, W222 (2013-2016)



  VITO/VIANO: W447(2014-2017)


ZGW Data Read And Write Function

1.Support ZGW's EEPROM/FLASH read and write.

2.The types of ZGW supported are as follows:

  C-CLASS: W204

  E-CLASS: W211, W212

  M-CLASS: W164

  R-CLASS: W251

  S-CLASS: W221

  CLK-CLASS: X204, W207



  GL-CLASS: X164

  CL-CLASS: W216






























V3.3.2.1  NEW


1.Fix the issue of password errors when loading EIS 169 data.



1.Fixed the issue that some FBS4 meters failed in mileage repair.

2.Fixed the problem of engine wiring diagram error.



1.Added W205(2018-) mileage repair function.

2.Added W213 mileage repair function.

3.Added W222(2017-) mileage repair function.



1.Fixed the problem that the status display of the Continental gear computer was abnormal.

2.Added the erasing function of ME2.7.1 and ME2.7.2 engine computers.

3.Optimized software interaction experience.



1.Add the following wiring diagram:

(1)EIS-EZS - W166 W246 new

(2)ECU - CR 2.14

(3)ECU - CRV 2.0

2.Fix known issues and optimize software performance.



1. Fix known issues and optimize user experience.



1. Added CGDI keyless go key upgrade function.

2. Added the EIS ytpe of W215/220/230 for all key lost.

3. Added W215/220/230 for all key lost with fast collection.

4. Added the function of reading FBS4 EIS SSID.

5. Added the function of reading FBS4 key SSID.

6. Added the function of obtaining SSID from the instrument.

7. Improved the K-line EIS writing method.

8. Optimized the collection function of the old W221 all key lost.

9. Optimized the display of car computer and ELV wiring diagram.



1. Improved the function of loading and saving files on the lock interface, and supported more file types.

2. Added the functions of erasing, writing, activating lock, and writing VIN of new & old EIS W164 without gateway.

3. Added the function of displaying the current voltage when it is insufficient.

4. Added the wiring diagram of the old EIS W164 when without gateway. (different from the wiring diagram of all lost.)

5. Fixed other problems.



1. Optimize the auto computer reading and erasing function;

2. Optimize FBS4 instrument mileage repair-install software filter to prepare FLASH function;

3. Add Polish language ; (Need to be authorized by Polish dealer )

4. Add the ME2.8 ECU wiring diagram;



1. Added CGDI MB keyless go key (76 version) resetting function.

2. Added the function of reading new BGA key to get EIS data.

3. Added operation tutorial viewing function.

4. Added Russian language. (Need to be authorized by dealer).

5. Added W203 ELV writing function.

6. Added the new W164 EIS (special) all key lost collection function. (The number of this W164 EIS is 164545, but the casing is new.)

7. Optimized interface layout and fixed BUG.



1. The mileage repair function is now divided into four independent modules:

   FBS3 mileage repair (released)

   FBS4 mileage repair-install hardware filter(-2018) (released)

   FBS4 mileage repair-install software filter (-2018)(this update adds features, need to be used with mileage repair adapter)

   FBS4 mileage repair-restore factory settings (-2018)(this update adds functions, no disassembly)

   The above functional modules require authorization before they can be used, please contact customer service for details.

2. Unified server query interface to optimize network connection stability.

3. Optimize the key reading process for a better experience.

4. The main interface adds technical support contact information.

5. Other optimization and problem repair.

This update is a simultaneous update of the software and the server. The old version of the software will not be available after the new version is released.



1. Added 205、447 meter mileage repair function.(V850E)

   (This update installs a hardware filter version of the instrument, please stay tuned for other types!)

2. Optimized the wiring diagram display.



1. Add the function of displaying and writing the key flag byte.

2. Add 2035450308 erase and write functions.

3. Fixed the problem that the smart 21DF key was successfully written and failed to display.

4. Add Turkish language display and Turkish language authorization function.

5. Other issues fixed and performance optimized.

6. You cannot use the device with the old software version, please install the latest software version.



1. Added personal account and send feedback function.

2. Improved user interface for a better experience.

3. The Mileage Repair and Gateway functions are now integrated into the main page, and you can slide the main function button list to switch.

4. Increased the number of free DP calculations and key file generation per day.

5. Optimize performance and fix bugs.



1. Added personal account and send feedback function.

2. Improved user interface for a better experience.

3. The Mileage Repair and Gateway functions are now integrated into the main page, and you can slide the main function button list to switch.

4. Increased the number of free DP calculations and key file generation per day.

5. Optimize performance and fix bugs.



1. Fixed the function of 21DF key writing. (Solved the problem that VVDI clear key can not be written)

2. Optimized the reading key experience. (Much faster)

3. Optimized the reading EIS experience. (Much faster)

4. Added all lost collection function for W164(2009-) without gateway.

5. Added W164(2009-) all lost collection wiring diagram.

6. Corrected the W164(-2009) all lost collection wiring diagram.

7. Corrected W203/W463/W639K, W169, W169 all lost, W209/W211 and W209/W211 all lost wiring diagram.



1. The interface display language added French support.

2. The interface display language added German support.



1. Added SLK (R171), C-Class (W204), CLK (W207), E (W212), GLK, SLS (197), CLS (W218) instrument EEPROM reading and writting function.

2. Fixed the problem of 1645450708 fast acquisition cannot calculate the password.

3. Added the new 21DF key reading function.

4. Added the 00032638 chip resetting function.



1. Added the infrared read EIS function. (requires simulation key)

2. Optimized the without gateway all lost collection function for the old 164 EIS. (more stable)

3. Added the no gateway wiring diagram of old 164 EIS , modifyed the 204-204-212 lock wiring diagram.

4. Added the 21DF key write function. (Support the 57 key of the deputy factory on the market, support write the original key that VVDI erased)

5. Added the CG key reading identification code function.

6. Added the CG key switching key frequency function.

7. Added the CG key checking function.

8. Added the CG key point collection function.

9. Added the CG key point redemption function.



1. Added all lost collection function for W215/W220 locks.

2. Changed the way of wiping the auto computer. (Solved the problem that parts of ECUs cannot clear)

3. Fixed an issue where calculating passwords might go wrong.

4. Changed the old version164,221 locks all lost collection process.

5. Added the K-line locks wipe and write function.

6. Added 220EIS/215EIS/210EIS/208EIS/203EIS/639EIS/906EIS direct replacing the locks through the infrared , The world's first release.

7. Added 220EIS/215EIS/210EIS/208EIS/203EIS/639EIS/906EIS direct clearing the KM number through the infrared , The world's first release.

8. Added Mercedes FBS4 key disable function, Supported models:205、222、166、447、246、218 etc.

9. Added the Spanish language display.

10. Added paypal payment function.

11. Replaced part of the wiring diagram.

12. Adjusted software interface layout.

13. Optimize network connection stability.



1. Added device status check function before collecting data.

2. Added the all loss collection function of the EIS W639 (CAN 2009-).

3. Added the AC adapter fast collection function of the EIS W639 (CAN 2009-).

4. Fixed the problem that the new simulator is recognized as the old simulator when the connection is not normal.

5. Corrected the EIS W210 AC adapter fast collection wiring diagram.

6. Added W169 all loss collection wiring diagram,W639 (CAN 2009-) all loss collection wiring diagram,W639 (CAN 2009-) AC adapter fast collection wiring diagram.

7. Shielded the EIS K-line wipe function.

8. Shielded the EIS W204 AC adapter fast collection function.

9. We have added perimeter servers to improve the network connectivity experience for users outside China.